Realtors and Investors

The difference between a staged home and non-staged home may be real dollars in your pocket. The longer that a property sits on the market, the more likely a potential buyer will be to make a lower offer. Buyers have a hard time imaging themselves in space that doesn’t appeal to them visually. It makes them think of all the work that they are going to have to put into the new space which means they are going to want a reduction in price to compensate for that work. You get the picture. It all results in a lower commission for you.

At fynHome Staging & Redesign, we want to partner with you to offer this service to your clients. Structure the initial visit as part of your fees and let us do the rest. We offer you a discounted rate as an incentive to include us in each of your homesales. We’ll do all of the work and you get the financial benefit.

As a realtor partner with fynHome Staging, we offer our initial home consultation for $150 and a discount on additional services if you wish to provide those for your client. If you would prefer that we work directly with the client for additional services beyond the initial consultation we can do that also.

Realtor Partner Discounts A La Carte Services
Initial Consultation (1 – 2 hours) – $150
Half Day staging services (4 hours) – $250 (regular price $300)
Full Day staging services (8 hours) – $500 (regular price $600)

For Investors we offer our vacant staging package for $1300 ($200 off). This includes staging a living area, dining area, master bedroom, kitchen, and bathrooms staged. Monthly furniture and accessory rental fees vary and depend on the furniture and accessories chosen for your property. Call for a quote.